Professional events require professional vendors.



We are professional festival vendors specializing in high-end fantasy makeup, face painting, body art, and temporary airbrush and glitter tattoos.

As professionals, we are committed to providing unparalleled excellence to both our customers and the events and festivals we serve. For the 2014 season we will be attending festivals in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


Our Makeup Products

Not all makeup is the same, nor are all makeup artists. It is common to find amateur face painters using inferior products, and practices which do not meet makeup industry standards. We offer an alternative.

We got our start doing professional special effects and theatrical makeup, and we bring that experience with us to your event. We use the worlds highest quality makeup products. All are FDA and EU approved for use on the face and body, and selected with beauty, safety, and ease of removal as priorities.



For more information please contact:

Michelle Palko

Business Manager